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~ We were hesitant to send our son back to school during the pandemic but every time we asked him if he wanted to go he always emphatically said yes. He loved going before COVID-19 and often would wake up asking if he was going back to school during the shut down so we decided to give it a try and see how things went and wow, were we surprised. Our son loves school even more now “with the virus” as he likes to say and doesn’t even give us trouble about wearing his mask since he knows he has to to be able to go. We, as parents, also feel more comfortable knowing only the staff is on campus, they wear masks, the kids still have lots of outdoor time, the kids have their own activity boxes to play with, and the indoor time is spaced out appropriately. In such an uncertain and challenging time it’s been a nice reprieve to hear about all the fun activities our son has been enjoying at school. We now have our second child asking when he can go :)


Heather and Matthew Mendez  ~






~ We enrolled our daughter in Playfactory when she turned 2 yrs. At that pt, she barely spoke 20-30 words and no sentences. We had done everything on our end to help her speak at home, speech therapy, play dates, group activities with other kids etc. but with no sibling at home, our last hope was that school might help. We were extremely nervous that even if school didn't help what would we do. In a matter of months, we saw our daughter speaking more. She started with more words and started speaking sentences something we never thought would happen so soon. We had to continue with speech therapy but without Playfactory's help there is absolutely no way the progress would have been so quick. My daughter is also extremely fussy with food and thanks to Playfactory, she has been open to trying new food items. We also had to make a special request on what to give her in the afternoon, which Playfactory diligent follows (Thanks much Ms. Gaby and Ms. Alex). Afternoon naps and potty training at home were a struggle too but that's something Playfactory helped get my daughter into a rhythm.


When the Covid pandemic started, no one knew guidelines etc. Playfactory did the right thing of closing the school down, internally assessing when is the right time to open up based on CDC guidelines. Even though schools are an essential service and could stay open, we personally thought this was the right decision as no one knew impact of someone going to school, how would a school be prepared internally when they themselves have not been in this situation before and have been given no time to prepare. When Playfactory opened up, we were still nervous to send our daughter in. We spoke to Ms. Lana. She provided us a whole list of guidelines that were going to be followed. Ms. Lana also personally called us to reassure us that things would be managed to the best extent that is realistic. Having the past good experience with Playfactory, we decided to resend our daughter.


More important is not when a school says they will do something and then not do it. It's always best to paint a realistic picture. Playfactory does follow safety guidelines and it's reflected in the photos sent every day and in conversations with our daughter. With the current situation on the pandemic, it's unrealistic to expect it will end soon. A child needs the necessary development at this growing stage but it can't come at the cost of safety. Playfactory has shown that in tough times like these they are able to stay strong, assess the situation and implement right processes to ensure safety to the best and realistic degree they can. Not to forget that our little one comes home happy every day meeting all our friends and teachers. ~



~ Playfactory is a favorite place for Jordan. He has been at Playfactory almost 2 years. Jordan started at 3.5 years old. First he was in the Butterflies class with Ms. Xing. He just graduated Busybee's Class and now is with Day Camper's with Ms.Linda. His teacher Ms. Linda is a very wonderful and caring person to each student. She teaches us a lot of different activities in class: sign language, Spanish, yoga, reading, writing, drawing, etc. One of the things I appreciate most about Ms. Linda is she sends pictures of your child while at school and activities done for that day. I also want to Thank Director Ms. Lana, Assistance Director Ms. Tammy and rest of the staff for taking care of us. Also Thanks for having special events Graduate Days and Breakfast with Dad and making me feel like home. Ms. Emma the cook makes wonderful homemade food for us. My favorite Albondigas soup, Chicken chow mein, Chicken with Spanish rice and Turkey Dinner we all will miss. Since coming back from reopening from Pandemic Playfactory has been a very safe place for Jordan to come back to. 1st staff will check temperature of your child and sanitize water bottle. Kids are all social distancing 6 feet in class and outdoor area, wearing face mask and washing hands often. Jordan is having fun at Day Camper's playing with his friends Oliver, Carter, Layla, Kaia and Sophia. He also learning in class, water play, play hockey, soccer, cooking class, science class with Ms. Lana and having Ms. Emma’s cooking. I would recommend Playfactory to anyone looking for school.


          Jordan"s  Dad ~




~ I would like to say since being back at school the twins are in a very safe environment.

The check-in in the morning is fast and safe....masks, hands, water bottles sanitized and temperature check...Parents have hand sanitizer for hands and pens for sign-in.

Desk set-up is separated with plexiglass and individual pencils and markers. Water play days and the food they get is off the wall (Ms. Emma’s the best)

I can’t say enough about the staff...they make the experience eventful every day with the Hi Mama app....fix any boo boos they get and photograph and send email to document them....

I feel this environment is the best for the twins, they get to see friends and other adults and just be little kids having fun.


Mike ~






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